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Pokemon anime series Soundtrack reviews


    Part 1: 2BA Master

I love pokemon.

I may not play the games still but the cute creatures, good music and first gen series still has me coming back to it every now and then. Now why am I bringing this up?

Writers block.

I am stuck with my upcoming reviews which may or may not be out when this article is out and as I sit here and wait for games to get released, I find myself with nothing to do but play FF XIV and listen to music.

So I decided to review all the Pokemon soundtracks I have. This will only go up to the Johto era as these were the only soundtracks I enjoyed and are that available so let’s go.

Todays soundtrack is labeled 2BA Master and was the first Pokemon soundtrack released in the United States. According to the producer of the album the entire album took less than a month to finish but was good enough to top a few charts in the height of Pokemania.

Now, I loved this album in my youth but does it hold up today? Let’s find out as we go through each track… All 13 of them.

    1. Gotta Catch em All

This is the opening theme to the original series and has become the unnoficial theme song for the whole series and for good reason.

This song is fun to listen to. It’s easy enough to remember and every time I listen to it, it seems to get even better every time I hear it and I’m not the only one who loves this theme. This has been covered all over the internet by fans on Piano, acoustic guitar, and even done metal style. I even have a speed metal version of this song by Power glove which is just awesome.

This song starts off the album and sets a standard as it is one of 3 songs I absolutely love on this whole album.

    2. 2BA Master

This song is decent but is not the best song on the album.

The actual verses are fun but the chorus just ruins the song in my opinion. If I want to here a bunch of kids going nananananananana then I will go to a daycare serving bananas. I enjoy the evil sounding guy talking about moments from the game and I always assume this was Giovanni, the big bad of Team Rocket.

    3. Viridian City

This song has a great chorus and a nice beat but the lyrics confuse me.

The title in my mind leads me to think of finishing the game as it states that you have a badge and you have to finish Viridian to go to the Pokemon League but it references the fact that you have to go to the forest which is were you capture your first bug type and Pikachu. So is this set at the end or at the beginning? Am I losing my mind? Did Ash lose it and decide since he has a badge that he can go and challenge the last gym already?

Is he a lvl 1 Pugilist and decide to go fight a lvl 20 Goblin Thief?

This song has 2 things to make it good but it just fails with it’s lyrics.

    4. What kind of Pokemon are you?

Oh god this song…

This song was played at the end of most late series pokemon songs on the Pikachu Jukebox ( An annoying way to promote this CD) and this was one of the songs that I just hated.

The beat is just generic sounding along with some dumb ‘yeah’ and ‘come on’ littered into this generic sterile rap song. BTW, this is a nitpick but if this is based of the anime and not the game then why even mention that you can catch a Mewtwo? Theres only one Mewtwo and he’s kinda not capturable.

I will murder your face until it dies twice

I will murder your face until it dies twice

This song is forgettable except that it’s drilled into your head so just skip this.

    5. My Best Friends

This is a song I listen to a lot as it reminds me of every great moment with my frends.

It has a good beat and some great lyrics and I think it is one of the better NON Pokemon focused tracks on ths album. I would actually rank this with Gotta catch em all as this fits the relationship with Ash and Pikachu.

A good song with a good beat. Nice job.

    6. Everything Changes

This song is based around the evolution of Pokemon and is actually a decent song.

It’s starts out with a nice beat and builds up to the chorus and is well thought out. I almost thought this song would be the song that would break out of the soundtrack but what shocks me is how versitile this track is. I could put this into the Digimon soundtrack (I’ll get you soon) and it would fit in perfectly.

A song that feels well written and well thought out. Definite listen.

7. The Time has come (Pikachus goodbye)
This is a very sad song… I mean really sad.

I hear this song and it sounds like a song played in a career video for a great tag team or something and that’s what Ash and Pikachu are. They are the anime version of the Hart Foundation, The Legion of Doom, Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. When I would day dream about wresting this song is what would play. This song was written for the show to be played in the episode where they teased Pikachu leaving the show and this was not far after Butterfree left… I’m depressed now.

    8. Pokemon (Dance Mix)

This was played on the pokemon promo tape, trailers for the first movie, promo commercials and everywhere else inbetween… I hate it.

Unlike Gotta Catch Em All, this track has NOT improved with age. The beat seems like someone was at a rave, got bored and made a music track. Not much else to say but avoid.

    9. Double Trouble

Around the time that Pokemon USA got the license to the anime and recast the entire voice cast was around the time I stopped watching the series. I thought that the original VA’s for Jessie, James and Meowth were a great team and comedy relief. I never felt the same for the new VA’s.

This song really is a great villian track and I enjoy it’s beat as well. Not much else to say but…
Prepare for trouble… and make it double.

    10. Together Forever

I swear to god that I thought this was the Rick Asltey song and after listening to it I miss that song that much more.

This song is boring. It’s the type of boring that you cannot describe. It’s like a bad Chicago song mixed with a lame love ballad… In fact if it had a better beat then it WOULD be a lame love ballad.

Go listen to the Rick Astley version instead. 100 times better and 20 percent cooler. If you want to fall asleep then put this on.

    11. Misty’s Song

Screw you Pokemon. I am a Pokeshipper and the Ash/Misty pairing is still my favorite and this song is definitaly one of my favorite love ballads from the soundtracks… yes. Love ballads.

This song has a nice slow beat, nice lyrics, and is well paced enough that it builds up to a nice ending. The added lines from the voice actors at the beginning and end add a little bit but sadly we would all be betrayed when the Ruby/Sapphire era began…

How have I not started ranting like a madman about the pokemon anime yet?

    12. Pokerap

If I have to tell you about this song then go away.

It is basically a listing of all the pokemon from Gen 1… That’s it. Nothing else. It’s clever that they were able to rhyme some of them but that’s it. I think that the Johto rap was better paced and rapped but that’s for another day.

Only for Die hard Pokefans.

    13. You Can Do It (If You Really Try)

This closes the album and it is a good motivational song.

All I can say is that this song is really the best way to close the album.

Go listen to it.

Final Thoughts


This album was a good first attempt to make a album for a huge pop phenom, Some songs work, some songs fit really well and some songs make me feel rage but it has some memorable songs and does a good job.

    Top 3 best songs

1. Gotta Catch Em All
2. Misty’s Song
3. My Best Friends

    Top 3 worst songs

1. Pokerap
2. What Kind of Pokemon Are You?
3. Together Forever

That’s it for this one folks. Next time we tackle the first movie OST and figure out the mish mash of songs.

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