Most depressing video game trailers
1 day ago

Developers have always tried to touch players with their games, and many have succeeded with emotions like fear, which is rather easy. There are tons of games out there that will scare the crap out of you — Games like Amnesia, Dead Space, Manhunt, Siren, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil.

Three Xbox 360 games that I still play
2 days ago

Each year publishers release tons of games, both brand new IPs and sequels. And most of them are great and very entertaining to play. Unfortunately, many of these games don’t manage to stay as fun as they were the first time you played them. For instance, I’ve plenty of games at my house that I’ve only played and completed once. Not because they were bad or anything – most of them were quite fun – but because I don’t find them interesting enough to play more than once – even the multiplayer parts. There are, however, always games that stand out. Games that I play to this day. Below are three “old” Xbox 360 games that I still play.

Tales of Hearts coming to the US?
11 months ago

Update: N4G reported this as real but when you go to the link provided to preorder the page is down. Still treat this as a rumor.

Treat this a rumor for now but it seems that Tales of Hearts might be coming to the US… As a GameStop exclusive.