Nintendo bringing E3 to the people at Best Buy
Friday, 17 May 2013
By Geimaku

In what could be the biggest shake up in terms of E3 history, Nintendo announced that they have teamed up with Best Buy to bring select E3 demos to Best Buy stores in North America and Canada this June.

The stores will feature demos of both Wii U and 3DS games. Nintendo did something like this for the Wii U in December of last year and I was able to try the system then which influenced me to buy a basic system and a copy of Zombi U. This year Nintendo has forgone E3 and is instead bringing everything to the public with Nintendo Direct and now this. Nintendo seems more interested in listening to the response of the people than trying to make money and although they lost money this year it seems like the old days of the gamer comes first might be coming back.

E3 will be June 11-13. Xbox will have it’s conference on June 10th along with Sony. Nintendo stated they will have a Nintendo Direct around this time.

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