GameTrailers’ exclusive interview with Joakim Mogren looks suspicious


Yesterday, GT.TV started with Geoff Keighley interviewing quite the exquisite character. This man here claims to be responsible for The Phantom Pain, the oft-rumored fifth entry of the Metal Gear Solid series.

His weird reactions and the constant evasion on answering simple questions have made the interview seem like there’s more to be seen than just some screenshots from the game.

Ever since the game’s reveal at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards last year, lots of questions were raised:

– Who is the protagonist? Why does he look like Big Boss (Naked Snake from MGS 3)?

– Why does he have a hook for an arm? Does this mean that this game happens in a distant future? But why is he young, then?

– Flames everywhere, a pegasus / unicorn and a flying whale swallowing a chopper.

After so many rumors about Project Ogre (the new game that will use Kojima Productions‘ new FOX Engine), The Phantom Pain‘s obscurity might turn out to be the result.

This theory gets reinforced by the recent interview with this bandaged guy. Who is he, anyway? He certainly doesn’t look like the previous Joakim Mogren that appeared shortly after the game’s announcement:


Joakim is an anagram for Kojima, the real Big Boss of the Metal Gear franchise and troll extraordinaire (just check MGS 2’s tease for Solid Snake or Raiden in MGS 3). But what does Mogren stands for? M-ogre-n could represent the project’s name, but the N and M letters still remain. NanoMachines?

Also, remember that Project Ogre isn’t Ground Zeroes. This one is confirmed to be a Metal Gear Solid game and there’s no question about it. (Thanks, IGN)

GAF even went so far as to question if this second Joakim is actually real. By continuing a rumor that started at the depths of /v/ in 4chan, people in this thread started to wonder if this is a tech demo to show the power of the Fox engine, supposedly capable of reproducing lifelike graphics with a performance that is borderline scary.

Mogren states that the big revelation will happen at the Game Developers Conference, which will happen by the end of this month (27 through 29) in San Francisco, California. You still have four days to register if you want to go there.

I will actually be disappointed if all of this simply turns out to be Metal Gear Solid V with the classic Tactical Espionage Action. Such hype levels deserve a greater revelation and Kojima has been talking about taking bigger risks lately. (Thanks, former Andriasang)

We’re in for quite the ride in this year’s gaming events, hm?

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