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>Hey! My first Vita review on this site! It only took… 5 months… Yeah, I can’t find that many good games on this system.

I guess this will also be a review of the vita while I’m at it. I like it. Buttons work, touch screen works well and even better than the 3DS to be honest and the sound is amazing. My biggest problem is after a month, it looks like I have bubbles in the back of the screen when it goes dark and to be honest…

I can barely find any good games in it.
P4G got old sadly due to various reason, Unit 13 sucks and I swear to god I want to KILL Nathan Drake so if anyone recommends Uncharted: Golden Abyss then please shut up. Rayman Origins was fun, the PS1 accessibility is amazing and Remote play is good if you have a great connection.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the game.

Square Enix is on a roller coaster this year huh? Tomb Raider, Lightning Returns, Thief and Final Fantasy X HD all within 3 months. I gave Tomb Raider a perfect score, Lightning and Thief I could barely play due to bugs and issues in the latter and Lightning in the former… Yes, I hate Lightning.


So let’s go back to the past and see one of the many ultra hits under the Square Soft era. Between 1995 and 2002 Square Soft ruled the JRPG industry. Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, XENO Gears, Threads of Fate and Chrono Cross were amazing games. Final Fantasy X was a huge critical and commercial success with it getting the first true sequel to a Final Fantasy game, getting an audio story (I’ll get to it later) and a prequel story to explain the sequel.
Final Fantasy X was and still is recognized as an amazing game and one of the many best selling games on PS2 and it makes perfect sense to make this into an HD remake on the PS3… and on the PS Vita.

This is something that bugged me from the start. The PS3 I get but the Vita? The standard storage on a Vita card according to various sources is 4GB (Though some sources say it will be expanded to 8GB if needed). Final Fantasy X itself was about 3.4GB and Final Fantasy X-2 was 2.5GB. How do you fit that much on a single 4gb card?

You don’t.
Final Fantasy X is on the game card and Final Fantasy X-2 is included as a voucher. I will be reviewing the Vita version today since it’s the hardest one to find. I had to look for a copy for 3 weeks. Couldn’t even get review codes for it but why?

Let’s find out…after almost a page in… We’re off to a great start.
Graphically the game looks really good on the Vita. Looks way better than it’s PS2 counterpart. Hair movement, clothes movement, Lulu’s own… special movement. It’s obvious that a lot of work went into remastering the graphics and making them up to the standards of today. Battles effects like fire, ice, water and lightning are improved as well and look just amazing . The cutscenes are the biggest improve and look as good if not better than That Which Shall Not Be Named.



Audio is the biggest mixed bag ever and it’s not even the voice acting…yet.
The biggest change is the remixed and remastered soundtrack. I like it but a lot of people don’t and I get why. It’s a big change. It’s a whole new style to a classic soundtrack and to be honest I don’t mind it. I like the mix of orchestration and rock and roll. Got nothing else to say on music except they ruined the boss battle theme and that is my only complaint on music.
Now to the voice acting and I say this once and only once… This is the area that I WANTED THEM TO CHANGE IT! I get to some people what I said is blasphemy but let’s be honest: Something that has never aged well is Voice acting from early PS2 JRPG’s and this game could have benefited from a whole new Voice acting cast especially Tidus cause thanks to his voice if I ever meet a banshee then I can safely tell it that it’s voice is nothing compared to Tidus. I know that was a long sentence but the voice acting is really what hurts me in this game. It hurts like a band aid attached with crazy glue.

Now onto the controls as this is a change too. The touch screen is used in the field to heal which is great as I constantly enter battle and forget to heal before hand. The Analog sticks for movement still work well and besides some problems with my finger hitting the screen, I have no issues with controls.

Story is the biggest thing however.
People have taken this story apart and rebuilt it. Figuring out every little thing and analyzing everything in their path to understand this grand and mystical world and Tidus’s story and some people say this is not Tidus’s story but Yuna’s and I figured out what this really is: A romance story.
A young man from another time falls in love slowly but surely with a sheltered priestess for a religion that is slowly tearing apart the world they are supposed to protect but with determination they prevail over evil and save the world… I know that is a very, very lame way to tell the Story but that is how I see it.
I have a few problems with the story as the villain is very, very transparent. Kefka (FF VI) we knew was a villian from the start due to his character and the way he acted, Seifer (FF VIII) I knew would be the bad guy and in FF IX finding the true bad guy was a challenge but in FFX it was so obvious that it hurts. Seymour, Yevon and most of the government are the villians from the start and to me, the best part of a villain is to try and figure out WHO the villain is. If the villain is obvious from the start and no one knows it and it’s so obvious then it loses ANY impact when it’s revealed that he’s evil.
It’s like watching the Star Wars prequels and people are surprised that Palpatine was the evil mastermind when if you watched the classic series you knew he was the emperor! It’s like playing A Borderlands game where you play the asshole bad guys!
… Oh… You guys wonder why I stop playing FPS’s

also a little bit about the audio story. I ignored it. Don’t care. Not worth it seeing that I have to play FFX-2 and if I am playing that then the audio epilogue can just stay hidden away for the rest of existence.

Gameplay is split so let me just say this.
Screw blitzball. It sucks.
Combat is classic Final Fantasy with a simple to understand battle system and a great addition with the ability to see who is next, how will using an item effect the next turn, Should I use Haste on this character or myself? This really brings a lot to the table and this game is simply the last good single player Final Fantasy Battle System. Strategy is the name of the game at it helps.
The ability to customize weapons adds a lot as I can decide to add a flame effect to a sword or maybe an extra 5% strength to up the damage or add piercing to attack armored enemies. There are so many different ways this game works it’s amazing and the fact that they added the expert Sphere Grid from the International release to add whole new level of Challenge… Oh, did I say challenge?

How about new Aeons, new dungeons and other stuff that I STILL have not got to? I knew that would make you happy.
To be honest, I am surprised how much was carried over to the Vita version. Everything promised in the PS3 version is in the Vita version except the game had to be split into a physical and digital release. My only complaints seem to come from that, the epilogue audio story and the villains so besides that I have no problems with this release.

It has all the stuff from the Japanese release, I’m not tied down when it comes to trophy lists and it still holds up over 10 years later.


Pros: Combat system, controls, music, graphics

Cons, lame villains, the Digital/Physical release, Blitzball still sucks.

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