About Geimaku.com

Created by former Editor-in-Chief Mokhtar Haidari, Geimaku was once known as residentevilonly.com

As the website slowly developed into a Japanese-game focused news website, Haidari started inviting new writers. I was one of them and often worked towards the goal of making Geimaku become some kind of successor to Anoop Gantayat‘s Andriasang.

As the time passed, I saw that regular news simply wouldn’t be enough. After all, the internet thrives with information from a myriad of popular websites and gaming forums. I thought to myself: “why should I just keep reposting this stuff?”

I can’t help but perceive a greater value on information that is helpful to a consumer long after the hype is gone. That’s why I’ve decided to shift the website’s focus towards content that can be revisited in the long run: reviews, sales, coverage of events / campaigns and even some gaming secrets / glitches. Sure, we’ll still have a few news posted from time to time, but you can expect us to work harder on what is not under the spotlight.

A note on reviews:

No scores. I’ve come to believe that an arbitrary number can’t measure opinions as efficiently as a properly written analysis. I used them as an “enjoyment meter” considering the overall sense of reward, being or not worth its value and the effort required to reach the closing credits.

Instead, a detailed but brief final statement will now translate whatever that score number was supposed to mean.

The calendar:

It shows special events such as E3, Steam sales, public betas and just about anything noteworthy.

The gameplay section:

Its main purpose is to show in-game curiosities like game-breaking strategies, secret overpowered items, exploits and unintentional issues that may help or hinder your trip.

I personally consider this a content spoiler. Not something that will ruin the game’s plot, such as a character’s death. Instead, it might ruin the challenge or the surprise of uncovering such weapons / strategies by yourself. Including this in reviews might lose their coherence since more paragraphs would be spent talking about one particular instance or element than the proper analysis of the game itself. Also, it’s better to just keep texts short and simple.

This section is not intended to offer complete guides, bug documentation, cheat lists or methods of obtaining achievements though, the objective is just to point out that weak link of the chain and tell you what happens once it’s broken.




Anderson Silva

Editor-in-Chief – Geimaku.com