We Need To Talk Entry 1: Capcom
Wednesday, 30 January 2013
By Geimaku

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Entry 1: Capcom

2009: Capcom releases RE5 to great sales but mixed reviews.

2011: Capcom releases 2 versions of MvC3 and at the same time refuses to let people who bought the previous version upgrade, cancels 2 Mega Man titles citing that the fan interest was not strong enough.

2012: Releases Street Fighter X Tekken with on-disc DLC that needs to be paid for, releases Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City to mediocre reviews and lukewarm sales. Capcom lowers its sales projection for RE6 due to low sales, states they will not be rereleasing games on the WiiU and wants to dedicate to making new and original titles for it.

2013: Announces RE: Revelations for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and… WiiU?

… Capcom? Can I call you Cap? Ok… You need help.

I think we all need to sit down and ask what has happened to one of the gaming greats of the last 25 years? This time 10 years ago we would be seeing the new Dino Crisis or Mega Man title or even a brand new Resident Evil. Now we get news of a game released over a year ago, originally released on a handheld and supposed to be one of the reasons to buy the Nintendo 3DS.

What has happened? I would love to blame the changing industry, but at the same time its the refusal to evolve. A few years ago Capcom released Dark Void, and although it was a failure people liked it and wanted to see a sequel. Nope. Capcom saw it as no one wanted a new series and stuck with what they know, neglecting to make a sequel.

So what do they do? Release a new Breath of Fire game? Perhaps rerelease Resident Evils Gamecube Remake on an HD console? They decide the best thing to do is remake Bionic Commando twice. One that was true to its colorful roots and… One where you’re a guy with dreads in a gray, ruined city and your wife is turned into a bionic arm… Can you guess which one wasn’t a great success?

The problem is Capcom says they listen to the fans but at the same time I have a hard time believing that. I can say that Capcom USA listens to its fans but I’m unsure about Capcom Japan. I have no clue how well Capcom Japan follows its fans, but in the USA and EU Capcom does everything it can to try and please us. They give away stuff in live streams, they hand out posters, hats, and turned NYCC into Monster Hunter and fighting game central.

The Cacpom booth was literally the most visited booth at NYCC 2012 because no matter what they still want to make their fans happy. I can safely say I have maybe 5 posters from them along with a paper Dark Stalkers (Vampire Saviour) crown. I sucked so bad at the Dark Stalkers booth but after a while the guy told me I was so dedicated that he was gonna give me a poster for pure dedication.

You see? Despite all my anger at Capcom I cannot hate them as bad as anyone else due to all the good they try to do to the fan base. I just want to know whats going on? Communication problems between departments? Reports missing? My honest thoughts are this.

Capcom is trying to fix itself.

Throughout 2012 they had a ton of problems but they got some things good. They released new IPs called Dragons Dogma and Asura’s Wrath, they gave backing to a fan made Mega Man game, announced a rerelease of the Dark Stalkers games, and decided to not restrict gamers to one spot by making Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate transfer characters between the 3DS and WiiU.

It seems that for every step forward they take a few steps back.

Dragon Dogma and Asura’s Wrath were huge success’s with Resident Evil 6 getting lukewarm reviews and from what I’ve seen for the sales figures… they ain’t good. They announce Dark Stalkers Resurrection and dropped the ball on Street Fighter X Tekken in terms of Characters and DLC.

It seems that whenever they try to get better something always happens. They need to shape up before they end up like Square Enix; stretching themselves too thin with so many projects then focusing on making the product too nice and taking the game part away from the game.

Look into what made its older games great: When I think of my favorite Resident Evil games I think of the Game Cube remake of the first game, Mega Man X4, Onimusha 3. These games are fondly remembered for being well made and having a care to make each game its own. The problem is that Resident Evil 6 may have had a huge amount of people working on it but the game did not have anything unique to it.

One of the things I think of with RE-Make is that it felt like a Resident Evil game. Only ½ of Resident Evil 6 felt like Resident Evil. Maybe if they went back to basics they can fix there games and bring back the sexy.

I love Capcom. I hate that they have become this shadow of themselves so focused on this new age of realistic shooters, focusing on a demographic that are focused on drinking near to death, eating doritos, and playing shooters thinking they could go over to other countries and shoot people with no problems.

I want the Capcom of old back. The fun loving, static camera, Samurai’s fighting demons, badly voice acted Capcom of old. They knew when to have fun, when to be serious and when to try a new idea. These games are more of a way to appeal the opposite demographic that we are. If they rereleased the original Onimusha games in HD I would buy them right now.

Once again I love Capcom, and I hate that I cannot help them the way they need it right now.


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