Zeno Clash 2 review
Tuesday, 7 May 2013
By Geimaku

1 hour… It took only playing the game for 1 hour for me to know I dislike this game.

I rarely use the word hate cause I know there are worse games in existance. I say dislike for this game for one reason.

It’s not the game for someone like me.

Zeno Clash 2 is the sequel to Zeno Clash, a game released by Atlus back in 2010. The game features a heavy Emphasis on first person fighting. The problem is that you had to have played the first game to understand the mechanics. I usually work up to gameplay but I have to talk about it first. For once, everything is secondary.
The gameplay is a careful balance of timing, finesse, skill and patience. Things I do not have. In fact I usually just tried the combo of repeatedly pressing buttons hoping I pull off combos to little to no success. This is literally the first time I ever had to hook up a 360 controller to play a PC game since the keyboard and mouse controls are horrible and many important button, like blocking and throwing bombs, are spaced way to far apart to be useful. It’s better on a 360 controller but the game does not switch up the controls.
It still shows the keyboard controls despite knowing that the controller is plugged in. Even then the controls are bad and make me wish this was either a 3rd person game or Turtles in Time. It’s terrible when a game actually makes me want to turn it off.

Well, let me get back to my usual list of stuff to talk about minus the gameplay and controls since I already talked about it.
Graphically the game looks…meh. The graphics look boring and I had to turn the graphics down so my notebook could handle the game, then up so the game would look less like a 2007 game. So far in the time I played the game had 3 enemy types: Wolf guy looking thing, small dwarf thing, lizard looking thing and reskins of the 3 models above to make guards. Your allies fair no better since I swear I saw your female partner was in Heavenly Sword and looks terrible. Area’s look bland and definitely looks like something from a bad Skyrim clone.
Sound is… worse. The voice actors are so bad they make the VA’s from Aliens seem like the voice cast from Gargoyles. Music is nearly nonexistant sometimes and when it is I swear it’s in a loop.
If it seems like this review is short that’s because it is! I am not joking that I only played an hour. I should have rephrased that to I only got 34 minutes into the game itself. I did not even get that far in the story. All I know is that I was on my way to rescue something called a father mother from the golem but at the rate the game was I did not want to continue.
I hate playing a game and not finishing it but it literally was the most trying experience I have had playing a game. It was bad but once again it’s the learning curve that got me. Not even playing the tutorial could help me learn this game.

This game is only for the hardcore of the hardcore. Gamers willing to learn this game extreme battle system might find a good game but the bad audio, subpar graphics, boring characters and a story that does not start until I can actually figure out the hardcore battle system I have no choice.


Pros: Hardcore Battle system

Cons: bad graphics, horrible voice acting, bad tutorial

Most interesting moment: none.

Zeno Clash 2 is Available from Atlus on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade.

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